Casey McKinnon is a professional actress and producer born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She studied Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, holds a BA degree from McGill University, and won a BroadwayWorld Award for her portrayal of Jackie Kennedy in The Tragedy of JFK. Visit her IMDb page here.

On the set of Chromo46. Photo by Shannan Leigh Reeve.

On the set of Chromo46. Photo by Shannan Leigh Reeve.

Best known for her extensive web series career dating back to 2005, she produced and starred in four streaming series including SONY Playstation’s official Comic-Con coverage in 2010. Her two most popular shows, Galacticast and A Comicbook Orange, had a total of 8 seasons, received over 13 million views, and won her and her co-creator Rudy Jahchan multiple awards over their run. She is often recognized for her guest appearances on TableTop and in NASA’s official YouTube series promoting STEM.

She works regularly on stage and has appeared in two world premiere plays: as Stalin’s wife Nadya in Mayakovsky and Stalin and as the iconic Jackie Kennedy in The Tragedy of JFK. She loves working on Shakespeare plays the most, and hopes to do every single one over the course of her life. So far, she has appeared in productions of Hamlet, Julius Caesar, and As You Like It.

In 2007, she made her big screen debut in independent western film Six Reasons Why working opposite Colm Feore. She has lent her elven features to roles in ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining and Elf Sabers, and she recently played the morally ambiguous spokesperson in sci-fi short Chromo46.

Whatever time she has left is probably spent running lines with her cat Wolfie by her side, watching sci-fi and period TV series, or playing video games. A huge supporter of micro-loan organization Kiva, she has also led charity fundraisers for Child’s Play and Movember.