Becoming Brownberry


Our ElfQuest fan trailer should be coming out really soon, so I thought I would post a few behind the scenes photos of my transformation from Casey McKinnon to Brownberry!

Above: Custom made elf ears to look like those drawn in the ElfQuest comics. These babies were tough to apply because it was so cold in the hair/makeup cabin! They ended up having to use a hairdryer to make it stick. This photo was taken right after application, so they hadn't applied makeup yet (hence the shininess). Also, that's tape holding my hair away from my ears... we didn't want to glue my hair to them!


Above: A shot of Amelia Earhart... I mean, me... sitting in the makeup chair after getting my hair pinned up in curls.


Above: Getting my last hair and makeup touches done before getting changed in my costume and heading to set. At this point, the weather was heating up so they decided to work outside in the sunshine.


Above: The finished product! Brownberry, Wolfrider!!! :D

Thanks to all the hard work of Jamie Blair (makeup), Genevieve Garner (hair), Paula Rhodes (costume), and Cathy Baron (jewelry) for making this all possible. XOXO