Unintentional Tech-Hipster... :/

In the mirror...

Every once in a while I post a photo of myself taken in the mirror using my iPhone... and every time I do it, someone new comments on one of two things:

  1. "Holy sh!t you got engaged?!" (No... the photo was obviously taken in a mirror, look again.)
  2. "Holy sh!t you're still using a first-gen iPhone?!!!" (Yes... yes, I am.)

2007 was a big year for me; I got a first-generation iPhone (EDGE), a first-generation Apple TV, and an XBox 360 Pro. It felt like I was finally living in the future (minus the flying cars, of course).

The day I got my iPhone EDGE I knew I would never need another phone ever again... unless it broke. For years I stuck by my iPhone EDGE while the world around me upgraded three times, and on that third time Apple ceased to update my software. I was devastated because my phone still worked perfectly, but since Apple refused to update first-gen iPhones to the 4.0 software I suddenly lost the ability to use many apps and purchase new ones. At this point in time, I mostly just use Mail, Twitter, and Words With Friends (all of which are a bit wonky since I'm still using 3.0 software). Last year I considered upgrading to an iPhone 4, but decided to wait out of spite for Apple... but this year, as my software gets slower and slower, after dropping my iPhone on the ground (causing a leak that affects my screen), and after hearing rumors that the iPhone 5 will have kick ass photo capabilities, I'm first in line for it's release.

As for my Apple TV, it's mostly fazed out at this point. I rarely need to buy or rent shows on iTunes since I now have Netflix on my XBox 360. In fact, I'm so excited for Live TV to come to XBox so I can cancel my cable. I just hope my 4-year old XBox 360 lasts that long... especially since the new XBox is not expected until 2014.


Oh well... hopefully I'll be less of a tech-hipster by the time autumn rolls around. Hopefully.

NerdityCasey McKinnon