My SDCC 2012 Schedule


For all those asking, here's my schedule for Comic-Con 2012!

Thursday, July 12 11am - Wake up 11:01am - Check email 11:02am - Check Twitter 11:05am - Tweet something hilarious while chuckling to myself about how clever I am 11:15am - Play Wurdle 12pm - Eat some lunch 1pm - Watch Days of Our Lives 2pm - Write 6pm - Make dinner 7pm - Eat it 8pm - Meet with my writing partner 10pm - Cuddle while watching Wilfred

Friday, July 13 9:15am - Wake up 9:30am - Realize it's Friday the 13th and tell the internet about it 9:45am - Workout 12pm - Lunch 1pm - Watch Days of Our Lives 2pm - Write 4pm - Google+ Hangout? 6pm - Go out for dinner, I've cooked enough this week 8pm - Have a date with Netflix

Saturday, July 14 11am - Wake up. Reset my alarm. Go back to sleep 12pm - Wake up for realz 1pm - Eat at Subway 2pm - Shop 4pm - Crash 4:15pm - Drink caffeine in the hopes of uncrashing 8pm - Order delivery (the caffeine didn't work)

Sunday, July 15 11am - Wake up and lie in bed for an hour playing on my phone 12pm - Make a healthy brunch 1pm - Go out and do household shit 6pm - Phone my parents 6:30pm - Make dinner 9pm - Mourn Game of Thrones

You're welcome.

Above photo of me and my buddy Taryn O'Neill courtesy of Mark Burmeister.