"Young Hero Lass" theme by Yours Truly

The latest episode of action figure comedy web series Shelf Life is up and you might recognize a familiar voice! My amazing friends Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal (a.k.a. Hero Lass and Bug Boy) asked me if I would write and perform the "Young Hero Lass" theme, based on Josh A. Cagan and Kayla Cagan's lyrics, and how could I say no?

I had so much fun coming up with a sound for the theme. Initially I sent Yuri and Tara a jazzy 1950s jingle I had recorded a capella in my iPhone's Voice Memos, but with some feedback and my Fender Stratocaster I ended up making something more akin to a Hot Wheels commercial. Hell, I've even got a version that sounds completely punk rock!

I couldn't be happier about the way the episode turned out. Aside from my song, Amber Benson as Raggedy Ann is BRILLIANT, the writing is absolutely hilarious and excellently executed, and OMG Bug Boy is nekkid! Hope you enjoy it. :)