Will work for Streamy nominations...

Galacticast Pose at the 2009 Streamys

Rudy Jahchan and Casey McKinnon re-create the Galacticast intro at the 2009 Streamy Awards. Photo courtesy of Kodak.

The 2009 Streamy Awards was the first awards show since the 2006 Vloggies to be devoted entirely to web video. As a result, it was a wonderful celebration of what I've been passionate about doing and advocating for the past 4+ years. Unfortunately, since my 2008 was spent relocating to Los Angeles and trying to get established, it was the ONLY year that we hadn't made enough episodes of a web series to qualify for a nomination! Still, we watched contently as many of our good friends won for their shows. (We were probably most proud of our friends at Epic Fu who won for Best Hosted Web Series.)

2010 is going to be different. No longer are we in production limbo, we are back in full force.

The 2009 Streamys gave me the drive I needed to come back with a vengeance. Along with the support of my partner and co-writer Rudy Jahchan, the passion of our new director Josh Allard, the encouragement of our friend (and first Season 3 interviewee) Ben Templesmith, the assistance of Meltdown Comics for providing a location for our interviews, and our devoted A Comicbook Orange fans, I worked my little ass off to bring the show back.

And we did it all for free... because that's how we roll.

So this year I ask you to please help keep us driven. If you love what we've been doing, please nominate us in as many categories of the Streamy Awards that we're eligible to enter. Here's a list:

And thanks to all of you who encouraged us to bring A Comicbook Orange back. Friends, fans, comic connoisseurs... you are the reason we do what we do.

<3 Casey XOXO

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