Year Five, Here We Come!

Above: Since today's my four year anniversary, I figured I'd better cut together a frakking video! Here are the long awaited self-portrait outtakes from May-October 2009

Four years ago today, Rudy and I launched the first episode of Kitkast. Though Rudy had made some web videos (video blogs, vlogs, video podcasts, umm... vodcasts?) before, this was the first time we launched a web series... a serialized show. We've devoted countless hours to our passion ever since, and I thank every single person whose clicked play, commented on, and shared our videos with their friends.

So what am I doing today to commemorate the occasion? Acting in another web series, of course! I'm up in Vancouver right now, and I can't say anything much, but it's going to be EPIC... and reminiscent of Galacticast in some respect. I'll give you the details when they're public.

Year five promises to be even better. More guest spots, collaborations, and new content! Thanks for all your support... you make the late nights worthwhile.

Speaking of late nights... this week's A Comicbook Orange video gave me a late night a couple of nights ago. Enjoy!

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