Stuff I'm in that came out today...

A bunch of cool stuff I did came out today, so be sure to check it all out! 

1. The Bumps in the Night season two finale: Special guest star appearances from me, Paula Rhodes, Woody Tondorf and Ben Pace. I play Bunny, an emo/punk/goth chick and groupie to the leader of ghost hunting group Wolf Paranormal.

2. Girlhack Girltalk Episode 7: I'm interviewed about how I balance my girlie and geekiness, and talk about my background as a nerd... especially as a young Trekkie!

3. Wire Hangers TPB: Available in comic stores and online today is the trade paperback of Wire Hangers by rock star turned comic creator Alan Robert. Inside you'll find a printed interview I did with him in one of the single issues that was published earlier this year by IDW.

C'est tout! For today anyway... ;)