On Quitting My Day Job

I'm a much happier person now that I've quit my day job to become a full time new media entrepreneur, but it wasn't an easy decision. Here is the series of events that led to my final decision to go full time on Galacticast / 8Bit Brownies Inc.:

  1. Rudy and I were staying up until 3-7am every night and waking up at 8am to go to work. I constantly arrived late and felt ashamed of myself for not being punctual;
  2. I saw the Clint Eastwood film Bronco Billy on television and realized that I needed to quit my job to pursue my dreams. The film is about a former shoe salesman who became a cowboy in a wild west show to follow his dream. I was so touched by the film that I cried my eyes out;
  3. My good friend Åsa Westin told me that she quit her day job at 28 to become a full time artist. She said that had she not quit her job, she never would have got into art galleries. I realized then that I have to think of myself as an artist... someone working to do what she loves, regardless of whether she gets paid or not.

If you too have the funds to support yourself for a while, I encourage anyone out there to go out and live the life they want to live... you never know if this day is your last.

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