Old Media Headache

[Touring through an old media studio]Person x: "I've got a headache" Person y: "Me too... it's called Old Media"

So here we are re-building the media the way we want it, yet still we depend on old media as a promotional tool. What video producer wouldn't be flattered to have their content featured in the New York Times or on CNN? I know I would be.

The problem is that old media is set in the old ways... a restrictive copyright, gatekeepers and bureaucracy. Last year, G4 Tech TV wanted to feature Galacticast on Torrent, but after we read the consent form which would hand over all of our rights to the company Rogers, we declined. A few months later we spoke to them in person and we were able to amend the consent form to come to an agreement (they can use and re-use the footage on Torrent only and we retain our original rights). I'm very grateful to the people at Torrent for their understanding and flexibility.

Now we're signing more consent forms, this time to a HUGE broadcasting corporation that we're really excited about. Last month I filled out a consent form to allow them to use our videos and yesterday I was asked by the company representative whether the rest of our cast members featured in the videos should fill out consent forms as well. How should I know... you're the big media company. I replied to the e-mail saying that all actors have given their verbal consent and are very excited to see the finished product. Today I was informed by the representative that I now have to get the rest of our cast to fill out consent forms to allow the company to re-broadcast their "likeness". Now, I understand that the company wants to cover their ass to make sure they don't receive any lawsuits, but isn't it enough to get a consent form from the executive producer of our show? I highly doubt that Battlestar Galactica has their whole cast fill out consent forms every time a broadcast company wants to play a clip of their show...

How did the broadcast world get so darned paranoid?

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