What I Long to Be

Daily Self Portrait - December 30, 2006

Over the past month and a half I’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity. Something that will satisfy my inner-geek and further my growing career. By attending meetings and pitching networks, I’ve realized something. I don’t want to be the next Amanda Congdon or Ze Frank, I want to be the next Audrey Hepburn…, the next Fred Astaire,… the next all-around talented individual.

If I'’m not making you laugh or cry, I’'m not doing what I truly desire.

When I was a little girl and my mother would tell me to go to bed because she noticed I was tired, I would pretend to be wide awake. Seeing through my scheme time and time again, she called me an actress.

Growing up, I played many parts… I was an alternative kid, a punk rocker, a tough martial artist, and a diplomat. I loved every role. But when I started Galacticast with Rudy, I gave myself the opportunity to be the real me… a chameleon.

Rudy and I have been watching so many classic movies recently, and I'’ve discovered something I was missing. Emotion. Movies complete me emotionally… and if they don’t make me laugh or cry, they are a waste of my time.

My mission is to bring emotion to you… whether it be guest starring on Galacticast and making you lol, or starring in the next Audrey Hepburn tragic romance that makes you cry like a baby.

That is what I aspire to be. Wish me luck on getting there.

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