The 2009 Casey McKinnon Makeup Guide

Casey McKinnon & Rudy Jahchan by Jason DeFillippo

Photo courtesy of Jason DeFillippo

Since my Style Guide was such a hit the other day, I thought I'd share makeup tips ala Casey McKinnon.

Like clothing, makeup is a very personal choice. Sometimes you want to wear something classic and beautiful, sometimes you want something casual and easy, and sometimes you want to be creative and/or geeky.

I started getting serious about make up when we started making Galacticast, because suddenly I had to act as a zillion different characters - who all needed different makeup styles to boot! I learned a lot about what exactly looks good on me... so without further ado, here is my method of applying make up:

[Disclaimer: I don't DARE do all of this on a daily basis...]

30 SPF Daily Moisturizer

If you're not already, start protecting your skin NOW! Four years ago I got strange brown blotches on my face from the sun and was told I had Melasma (aka. "the pregnancy mask"). I then had to bleach the skin on my face with a special lotion that made my face turn red and peel off (horrible) and ever since I've been told to wear no less than 30 SPF on a daily basis, and try to stay protected from the sun. I highly suggest getting a 30 SPF lotion that also dubs as a facial cream, I have used both Oil of Olay and Aveeno products. Both seem to work well.


I don't use foundation on a regular basis because I feel like it clogs up my pores. I only use foundation when I'm doing a photo shoot or attending an important public event where I'm likely to be shot in photos! When shopping for a concealer, ask the person behind the makeup counter for something that suits your needs. My needs included looking natural on camera, and ever since I've been using Revlon New Complexion One-Step Compact Makeup.


I don't use a concealer, but instead usually put white eyeliner and/or white eye shadow/cream to the inner point of my eyes, as well as under my eyes (in the "bags"), and just under my eyebrows. This will make you look younger and more awake - I learned this from the beautiful Carmindy Bowyer from TLC's What Not to Wear.

The Eyes

To me, all makeup centers around the eyes... so my guide is much more concentrated in this area. Since my eyes are green, and my skin is so pale, if I'm not wearing makeup in photos I look completely washed out. This is why I try to bring out my eyes on a daily basis (if I'm leaving the house or planning to be on camera!). Here are my favorite looks:

Casey McKinnon <3s Betsey Johnson :)
Not-so-killer bee... yet.


  • The Angelina Jolie My rendition of smokey eyes. First, I lightly apply a black coal pencil around the entire eye. Next, I use a brush to smudge it out. Then, I take a dark aubergine-color powder and apply on my lids, as well as lightly around the entire eye - focusing on drawing it out a little further in the corners to give it a more oval look. After that, I highlight under my brow and the inner points of my eyes with white pencil (which I smudge) and I apply black mascara to the top and bottom lids.I use the color aubergine because it goes well with my eyes. You might want to try other colors to see what looks best on yours. Sephora allows you to try all their products in store... go and knock yourself out.Tip: There are great tutorials on YouTube for achieving the perfect smokey eyes, watch one here.


  • The Rock Band When you're feeling creative and geek chic, go fire up the ol' Rock Band. I don't know about you, but I'm OBSESSED with the awesome eye makeup designs they have in the game... so I often treat Rock Band is my makeup consultant. Above, you can see I've tried the Fade To Pink design (I've also tried Red Out and Stardust, the latter of which looked awful on me! :P). And someday soon, I'll be trying the Scarlet Ibis, Envy, Lynx, and Woodrobin designs.


  • Combinations/Creativity The most important thing with makeup, especially eye makeup, is to be creative. You might not find what suits you at first, but you will in time... and trying new things or mixing it up will help you stay up to date - even my mother has been adopting my makeup tips at home by highlighting her upper lid with a black line and mascara!Above is a photo of me blending intense smokey eyes with fake eyelashes (I was going for a neo-noir Blade Runner-type look). The photo next to it was from a Rock Band party I had where I did my makeup like Paul Stanley (*ahem* the third time I've ever done my makeup like a member of Kiss).


If you're going for a vamp look, you needn't apply any blush. You should apply a minimal amount if you're going for a sweet look, and tons if you're going for the burgundy-haired-middle-aged-woman-with-20-cats look... there's a fine line, people.


I usually try to stay natural with my lipstick, using it as a type of lip-blush. I enjoy using Sephora Brand Ultra Shine Lip Gloss, but sometimes venture to a more vamp look with dark red lipsticks. That said, I don't usually apply it too strongly, sometimes just a dab is all you need to blush up those lips.

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