A Comedy of Errors

Laugh it up, Fuzzball!

Last night, after months of campaigning, nominating, voting, publicizing, etc. the Streamy Awards finally took place. My show A Comicbook Orange was nominated for Best Hosted Web Series, one of the toughest categories in the ceremony since we were up against some of the best shows online. I spoke to Alex Albrecht before the award show and told him I'd be totally cool losing to him, and he agreed he'd be happy to lose to me too. In the end, he won... and that's cool, he's a great dude.

The day, on the whole, was a textbook definition of epic fail. Many people have been writing about this today and I agree 100% with their assessment of what went wrong (I suggest reading Jace Hall, Blake Calhoun and Barrett Garese's blog posts for the full lowdown). My biggest personal issue with the show was that it disrespected the professional industry that I (and many others) have been working so hard to build over the past 5 years. The constant jokes about lack of funding in web series, lack of viewers, etc. cheapened our hard work, especially when a lot of the attendees ARE making money and have more viewers (and less publicists) than cable television shows.

The awards show was embarrassing and there are so many more issues I can get into, but I won't. What I will get into are my favorite moments from last night, which actually have nothing to do with the actual ceremony:

  • Meeting people IRL: Always the best part of any get together, I was so happy to finally meet Nick Holmes, James Gunn, Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon, Zoë Bell and Gennefer Snowfield in person. Whether we were getting some "air" in the lobby during the show or having heated discussions at the after party, these people all made my night.
  • Technical difficulties working in my favor: Whilst getting some "air" in the lobby, the show was having major tech problems. At one point the DVD replayed nominee videos, including this clip of A Comicbook Orange, and the video apparently paused on my face. FOR A COUPLE OF MINUTES!!! I heard about it afterwards and thought it was pretty funny... I only wish my agent George Ruiz's contact information was up on the screen too! ;)
  • Ted Raimi is my new best friend: At the after party, Ted gave me a passionate 3-5 minute talk about how I should have won. I had heard this from a few friends before, but Ted was truly adamant about it. Zod bless him, and Zod bless Suzanne Keilly who backed him up on it all. Love you guys...
  • Zoë Bell wins the Community Award: Though the after party took place at a restaurant, no food was served. Zoë wins my Community Award for ordering 10 pizzas at the after party for everyone! Hell, she even got kicked out of the after party for doing it! This chick fucking rocks... and if I was serenading her at karaoke, I would sing "Just What I Needed" by The Cars in her honor.

Congrats to all the winners, including my friends Zadi Diaz, Alex Albrecht and Felicia Day. I was especially touched by the emotional acceptance speeches by Mark Gantt and Jesse Warren, Bernie Su and Rachael Hip-Flores, who all make me feel a little teary-eyed with pride for our community and our industry.

A special thanks goes to Chris Hardwick and Ze Frank for bringing real comedy and class to the event. I would be ecstatic to see either of these guys hosting the Streamys next year. Pretty please? *Bats eyelashes*

And last but not least, thanks to everyone who believed in us and helped us get nominated for a Streamy. Your sweetness does not go unnoticed... I read all your tweets and Facebook messages with shiny eyes. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

[Above photo courtesy of The Bui Brothers]

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