Red Dead Obsession

Kudos from RockStar Games! Today is a red-letter day. [Pun intended]. I'm so happy to announce that I've attained 100% in Red Dead Redemption. Thanks to the dozens of awesome people who've congratulated me on Twitter and Facebook, you make me so proud :*)

I've never completed a video game so thoroughly in my LIFE! I finished some Atari 2600 games (Pitfall 2, Adventure, etc), some GameBoy games (Super Mario Land, Maru's Mission, etc.), but most FPS (and 3PS) games I've watched as a spectator (and coach) as my boyfriend Rudy plays through and completes them. Though I loved playing Half-Life 2, Portal, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, and Shadow of the Colossus (PS2), I had a really different experience with RDR. By the time I bought RDR, I was OBSESSED with my Gamerscore. It was that obsession that drove me to go above and beyond just completing the story part of the game.

Looking back, I'm so happy I took the time to do it... if only for the look of fear on my boyfriend's face as I delivered headshot after headshot in my final challenge before attaining 100% (defeating all US gang hideouts in a 24 hour period). Priceless.

Though I feel like I've had closure by completing 100% of the game, there is still a lot left to do: more achievements; more DLCs, and; lots of multiplayer and social club challenges. I believe my next step is clear... who wants to join my posse?

Disclaimer: Serious gamers only... I don't want to talk, I just wanna kill.