From Rainbows to Grayscale: My Web Site Redesign

First came 1.0, a 70s-girly-exploitation site built in January 2007:

Then came 2.0, a more spacey-but-girly site built in February 2008:

Then came this uncompleted happy "As seen on (web) TV" redesign in late 2009:

Then came this even happier uncompleted rainbow/"woodland creature" redesign in early 2010:

And finally came this Brian Wood-inspired black-&-white-urban redesign about two weeks ago:

I'm so happy. I still have a few things to add and tweak, but it looks awesome (to me, at least). Thanks to Rudy Jahchan for spending so many late nights bringing my vision to life. And thanks to the following people/web sites for providing creative inspiration and ideas on social media integration: Nerdist, Felicia Day, Olivia Munn, Complex, and Geek Sugar.

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