Plastic Bullet can shoot me anytime...

Plastic Bullet

A couple of weeks ago my friend Stu Maschwitz (@5tu), as Creative Director of Red Giant Software, launched a new iPhone App called Plastic Bullet. At the time I had mixed emotions... the angel on my shoulder says Stu is a visual genius, and the devil on my shoulder told me I already have a zillion camera apps on my iPhone and that Hipstamatic was the bee's knees. The devil was wrong. This morning I paid the $1.99 and downloaded the Plastic Bullet app to my iPhone. And. It. Is. Beautiful.

I've found a lot of camera apps are hard to control: Hipstamatic is a crap shoot; Toy Camera makes it difficult to change settings; and CameraBag was great at first, but I've grown bored of it over time. Don't get me wrong, they're all great apps... but I love how Plastic Bullet simplifies creativity to the max. By placing a refresh button in the top right corner, you can keep generating random combinations of photo effects until you find "the one." And, even if you find one you like, you can save it by clicking on the heart icon and continue searching for other effect combinations you like. Genius. And just the kind of simplistic experience that Apple is all about.

Below is a photo I took while shopping last weekend. The original photo was very plain (I was going to post it here, but my iPhoto kept freezing when I tried to import it), but you can see the effects generated for the photo make it look super cool. Hell, I want to march straight back to the store and buy that dress ASAP! ...and perhaps a belt too... and some go-go boots. ;)

Thanks for the awesome app, Stu! XOXO

Magic Bullet test shots
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