Stepping Into (the) Elevator


Above: Ben PaceTom KonkleCasey McKinnon, and Woody Tondorf on the set of Elevator.

Back in early November, Elevator creator Woody Tondorf invited me to take part in the final season of his hit web series. I was asked to write a script and show up with whatever clothes/props I need. I said something along the lines of "HELLZ YEAH!" and racked my brain to come up with an awesome script.

While on set, I was told that an actress didn't show up and they needed someone to play the role of Lucy in the episode entitled Harold the Janitor's Dad. Again, "HELLZ YEAH!" was probably uttered. After some last minute memorization, here's the result:

Stay tuned for the episode I wrote and starred in called Future Kate. I hope it comes out soon, but I know it takes a little more editing than most Elevator episodes, so keep your fingers crossed or tweet @WoodyTondorf to put the pressure on! ;)