Casey to play Guildenstern in Hamlet Max at the Hollywood Fringe Fest!

Just in time for Shakespeare's 450th birthday, I have some exciting news: I have been cast to play Guildenstern in Hamlet Max at the Hollywood Fringe Fest this June!

Hamlet Max is a new adaptation of Hamlet set in post-apocalyptic Denmark. This unconventional setting gives director and star Jacob Sidney an opportunity to try new things and raise the stakes, while still maintain the integrity and power of the original story and text. I'm particularly excited about his casting choices, where a number of characters, including my own, will be gender bent. (Take that, Queen Elizabeth I!)

In addition to the role of Guildenstern, I will also be playing Marcellus, Second Player (Prologue, Player Queen, Lucianus), and Osric. To say I'm thrilled would be an understatement. After all my great theatre classes at Antaeus Academy, I am excited to launch my stage career and am so wonderfully happy that my first production will be an adaptation of Shakespeare. I am so grateful to the wonderful people at Antaeus for their support and tutelage, especially Armin Shimerman who has changed my life with his near-scientific method for approaching the rhetoric of Shakespeare, Rob Nagle for inspiring me and being my "trusty steed," and Ann Noble for her constant encouragement.

Please check out our IndieGoGo campaign to buy tickets, browse our special perks (including the option to have me read a sonnet on your voicemail!), or simply make a donation to help us fund this project. 

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