Hamlet Max wrap-up

We just closed Hamlet Max at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, where I played Marcellus, Guildenstern, Second Player (Prologue, Player Queen, Lucianus), and Osric. I had a wonderful time, met some amazing people, and got to take part in something I believed in, so here's a little wrap-up about some of the great stuff that came of it.

Before opening night, illustrator Hillary Bauman, director and star Jacob Sidney, and I were interviewed by FringeTV. The play was also featured on Bleeding Cool this week, where Sidney delved deep into the production background and outlined his plans for the future.

We were reviewed by Broadway World and Bitter Lemons, in addition to all the great audience reviews we received on the Hollywood Fringe Festival web site. Here are a few highlights that I was very honored to read:

Other ensemble standouts include... Casey McKinnon’s delicately comic, pixie-like Osric.
— Kevin Delin, Bitter Lemons
Great work on the show. I especially liked your Guildenstern.
— Tweet from Ellen Dostal, Broadway World reviewer
[A]n interesting take on the character of Guildenstern and several fine performances make this show a solid choice for fans of the Bard and the melancholy Dane.
— Paul Hoan Zeidler, audience review
The female take on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern was played out so well – I loved that choice! Every role those ladies took on was given its own life and seemed like an entirely different actress was portraying each role.
— Nicole Rossi, audience review

My fellow cast and crew were all wonderfully talented people that I will never forget. I count them all as friends, and I hope I get to work with each and every one of them again in the near future.

"Look at that! @caseymckinnon on top of the cast list of#hamletmax. Proud of my love!" - @rudyjahchan on Instagram

Special thanks to all my dear friends who came out to support me: Yuri Lowenthal; Tara Platt; Leslie Ranne; Nar Williams; Matthew Wrather; Fiona Sweeney; David August (& Kara); David Nett; Liz Miller; Paula Rhodes; Charlie Bodin; Brendan Bradley; Paul Whitfield; Robert Hewitt Wolfie; Celeste Wolfie; Cameron Daxon; Emma Sleath; Kevin Delin; Spencer Rowe; Ulka Simone Mohanty; and Rudy Jahchan, who has been my "Usul" through this whole process. I love you all.

Also thanks to whoever runs the social media at Sacred Fools Theater for giving me my own hashtag! I'm honored to be the #hottestguildensternever!

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