In case you didn't see Sight Unseen...

Last night we performed Donald Margulies' Sight Unseen at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood for the last time. It was a good run and I enjoyed getting to know my fellow cast members and stage manager. I especially loved working with my scene partner Jason Weiss and director Nicole Dominguez, who were both such a joy to work with that I relished every single rehearsal.

Though I was only in two scenes, the reviewers had some nice things to say about my performance as Grete, a German art journalist:

McKInnon’s cool understated presence also serves the story well.
— Deborah Klugman, Stage Raw
Casey McKinnon is a SASSY DELIGHT as an art critic, interviewing Jonathan about the meaning behind his body of work. She challenges him cerebrally with every question.
— Pat Taylor, Tolucan Times
[T]he best moments come in two pivotal scenes in which a smart and aggressive journalist (Casey McKinnon) puts Jonathan and his insecurities through the wringer.
— Les Spindle, Frontiers Media
The most interesting scene in this production of Donald Margulies’s 1992 play involves an encounter between Jonathan (Jason Weiss)... and Grete (Casey McKinnon), an art journalist of German extraction who is interviewing him.
— Deborah Klugman, Stage Raw

Playing the character of Grete was an interesting experience. There is so much conflict and anti-semitism present in my scenes that the audience response was always fascinating. There were nights when the audience was so absorbed and shocked by our scenes that we could actually hear them gasping and muttering "Oh, my God!" and "I can't believe she said that!" from their seats. And, though I don't have the blonde hair attributed so often to German nationals, there were nights when audience members would meet me outside and they couldn't believe that I wasn't actually German! It was fun, and I'm very grateful to dialect coach Adam Michael Rose for helping me pull it off. 

I'm also grateful to all my wonderful friends who came out to support me, like Sean Bonner, Tara Brown, Paula Rhodes, Charlie Bodin, Keri Safran, Paul Baird, Tina Molina, Rudy Jahchan, Cerina da Graca & Tim, Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt, Paul Whitfield, Lorelei Bunjes, Raya Yarbrough, Kyle Higgins, Emma Sleath, Jacob Sidney, Corryn Cummins, Desiree Mee Jung, Barrett Garese, Beth McDonald, Ulka Simone Mohanty, Nar Williams, America Young, Chris Rosa, Tom & Christine Ashworth, Eric Rudnick, Armina LaManna, Christine Sage, Erin Barnes, John Bobek, Cynthia Beckert, and Leslie Ranne.

Looking forward to telling you all about my next adventure soon... it's gonna be a doozy! In the meantime, here are a few behind the scenes photos that I took during our run.

ActingCasey McKinnon