It's never too late to play an 8-year-old girl...

Last week I had the opportunity to perform at The Autry in The Baby Snooks Show, a comedic radio play from the 1940s that originally starred Fanny Brice. My character, Henrietta, was the privileged little arch nemesis to Baby Snooks and I had a thrilling time portraying her to a packed house in the 206-seat Wells Fargo Theater.

The event was organized by SAG-AFTRA and featured two other golden era radio plays; Gunsmoke, and an episode of Five Minute Mysteries. The script for every radio play was unchanged from its original air date and included commercials and live sound effects. Our episode of The Baby Snooks Show was titled "The Ugly Duckling" and originally aired on October 24, 1947. It featured some hilarious Jell-O ads that became a running joke weaving throughout the story, and the play concluded with a delightful jingle for Log Cabin maple syrup performed by our quartet of male singers.

As for the role of Henrietta? I was born to play it. I was raised on reruns, and I've spent years mimicking classic children's voices, so it's about time I get to use those voices! I really should be doing more voiceover roles, so this has reminded me that I need to record a voice reel. I do have a voiceover role coming out that I can't wait to share with you, especially if you're a video game fan! Details soon.

I had a great time working with this amazing cast under the direction of Lee Purcell, who you may know from her extensive list of acting credits. I'm very grateful to have been a part of this production, and I hope I get to work with these talented actors again soon.

My favorite scene partner had to be Mariel Sheets, who played Sally in The Peanuts Movie last year. Mariel is the first kid I've had the opportunity to work with professionally, and she made every rehearsal a joy. Her energy reminded me what it's like to be an actual kid again, and her intelligence reminded me never to take children for granted!

Special thanks to Devon, Paul, and Rudy for making the schlep to Griffith Park, and thanks to photographer Michael C. Sheets for these great shots:

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