Feeling Marvelous!


Feeling Marvelous!

Thanks to Amazon Studios and Drybar

It’s been such a fun day here in Hollywoodland where Emmys season is heating up with the weather and the marvelous Amazon Studios planned a special event called Maisel Day to celebrate their hit show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I am very fond of the show, as I am of any show that shines a light on women in decades past. Our stories are so often relegated to being a wife, sister, or daughter, so it’s a breath of fresh air to see a period piece that shows the many sides of a woman.

So I just wanted to write a little special thank you to Amazon Studios for giving all of us Los Angeles residents a chance to partake in your special day. My 1959 hairdo cost me a whopping $2! A price so cheap, I felt guilty taking an Uber to my appointment, so I did right by the environment (and my pocketbook) and took public transit for $2.50. Totally worth doing.

And thanks to Amy Sherman-Palladino for creating this incredible series, as well as a couple of others I have enjoyed throughout my life on this pale blue dot. Keep making powerful feminist television, Amy, I appreciate every second!

Oh, you want to see more photos? Here you go:

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