All Talk, No Action... Yet.

Michael WayneLast night was the long-awaited IAWTV meeting in Los Angeles. It was surprising how little was said by the board of directors considering how many of us have written blog posts about our ideas on where to go from here. An organized board would've read those blog posts and come to the meeting with an agenda. Instead, what we got was a "pre-meeting"... and we were told that the "real" meeting will be on June 15th (in NY) and June 17th (in LA). Unfortunately for me, I'll probably be in Canada. I'm really busy this week (yay!), so I'm not going to go into details here... instead, I encourage you to listen to the new episode of New Mediacracy that was recorded last night with post-meeting comments from me, Barrett Garese, Brett Register, Chris McCaleb, Rudy Jahchan, Steve Woolf, Tony Valenzuela, and Zadi Diaz.

And, if you're an IAWTV member, I encourage you to do two things:

  1. Register to give your say on the official IAWTV forums;
  2. Send a message to volunteer some free time to help our organization accomplish something valuable.

I, myself, have registered (pending approval) and volunteered. I think what I'd like to do next is try to help the Executive Director of the board with tech tutorials. It's time to build this academy with the tools that make our industry so cutting edge and accessible to all.