Equip the Elves!

Producer Stephanie Thorpe (Winnowill) with fellow elf Casey McKinnon (Brownberry) - Photo courtesy of @VeniceRiley

As you know, I'm going to be acting in a fan funded Elfquest fan film produced by lovely web vixens Paula Rhodes and Stephanie Thorpe. There is still some equipment on their wish list and if you have any of the items listed below and are willing to lend them to us over the weekend of February 11-13, please email Paula to let us know!

The wishlist:

  • 1 Ton Grip Package
  • (2) 4x4 Diffusion Frames (250/Opal)
  • (4) 4x4 Solid Floppy
  • 1200 HMI Par
  • 400 Joker w/Chimera
  • 400 Slimverter
  • (4) 30 Volt Batteries
  • 1k 407
  • 1k Variac
  • (2) Combo Stands
  • (3) Baby Stands
  • (1) Primi Stand
  • Suitcase Generator
  • (10) 50' Stingers
  • Wardrobe rack
  • 3 or 4 Walkies
  • Monitor for 7D plus connecting cable

If you don't have the equipment, but know people who might... please help us spread the news! Feel free to share this link or click the retweet/Like buttons above!