2010 From the Eyes of my Laptop

Happy New Year, kiddies! While I didn't take a self-portrait every day last year, I did take many random self-portraits. Above is a compilation of nearly all the photos I took in Photo Booth on my MacBook Pro in 2010 (some photos cut for time), quite literally the world view of my laptop in 2010 ;)

Some people have asked me if I would continue my daily self-portrait series in 2011. My answer? I will try... the only issue being that I don't feel very inspired by taking photos on my laptop anymore and would like to get a real camera... perhaps a 7D? I've been considering starting a fan fundraiser to raise money to buy a camera, with the promise that I will take daily self portraits for a year and continue to assemble monthly outtake videos. Let me know what you think of the idea! Just an idea at this point...

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