I want my... I want my... I want my Web TV!

Dear IMDb... For over two years I've been advocating the need for a web series category on IMDb. At SXSW this year, I was given hope when IMDb founder Col Needham announced their plan to roll out tags for both web series and individual web videos in the second or third quarter of this year. Well, the third quarter ended a week ago, and I still don't see either tags on the title submission page.

How much longer do we need to wait? How much longer must we submit our web series as "TV Series" or (straight to DVD) "Video" titles?

I sent Needham an email the other day asking for an update, and just sent an email through the IMDb contact page last night. If you're a producer with the same concerns, I suggest trying to touch base with them through your own networking channels. Let's get this pushed through!!!

Thanks to Rick Rey, NewTeeVee, Tubefilter and Tilzy.tv (David Nett) for also writing about this subject earlier this year.

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