A Comicbook Orange nominated for a Clicker Award. Please vote!!!


I'm excited to announce that my comic book review and interview series A Comicbook Orange has been nominated for Best Web Non-Fiction in Best of Clicker 2010! We were also nominated in 2009, but we didn't hear anything about the nomination until the winners were announced afterwards, so we weren't able to tell our fans to vote in time. Help us make sure that history doesn't repeat itself. Go here to vote for A Comicbook Orange. It would mean a lot to me and my crew... we do this out of passion, not money, so winning an award would be icing on the cake.

And thanks to those of you who've already voted for us. I see your replies and encouragement on Twitter and Facebook, and it fills my heart with happiness, rainbows and whuffie. ;)

If you haven't seen an episode of A Comicbook Orange before, below is probably my favorite episode of 2010. It features an interview with Rick Remender, one of my favorite writers (read XXXombies if you haven't already!), and an adorable skit making fun of how incredibly late Captain America: Reborn issues have been.

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