Sometimes Everything Just Falls Into Place

One thing I've learned in the past week is: It IS a small world after all.

Behind the scenes of A Comicbook Orange

For the past few weeks I've been planning an epic A Comicbook Orange intro for the Dr. Horribleone-shot comic that came out today. Inspiration to write the song came easily for me in the shower, and I wrote and composed the song in two days. Then, thanks to all the photos on the interwebs of me and my fellow web series creator Felicia Day (via Bernie Su and Wm. Marc Salsberry), we were able to set up a lovely little scene to show how Dr. Horrible might be longing for Penny now that she's gone (ahh... lesbian undertones... I hope I made NPH proud). These things all came easily, but one thing remained; Dr. Horrible's lab.

As usual, we shot the intro on our green screen. My Dr. Horrible costume included: one of my boyfriend Rudy Jahchan's dress shirts worn backwards, a pair of long pink gloves (that I use to clean the toilet!), goggles borrowed from my good friends Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt, and a Dr. Horrible comic (which was actually a copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with a printout of the Dr. Horrible cover on top). I looked on Flickr to try and find a good Creative Commons Attribution licensed photo to use in the background... and I found one similar... but it wasn't until a chance meeting last Friday that this whole production blew up even further last Friday.

While at the Voice-Over Voice Actor book launch party, I ran into a photographer that I had met months earlier; Jonathan Reilly. It was too loud to really talk when I met him, so we finally chatted there. When I was talking with Tubefilter writer Jacob Nahim about "an epic intro" I was planning for the Dr. Horrible one-shot, Jonathan chimed in to tell us that Dr. Horrible's lab is actually his living room. The rest is all a blur, as I was extremely excited and screaming with glee on the inside when I found out. Jonathan said he'd take a picture and send it to me to use as the background of MY Dr. Horrible lab!!!

Side to side comparison

So, I've been sitting on this Dr. Horrible thing for a while and it feels GREAT to get it out. It's currently being featured on YouTube, which is wonderful... especially considering I put a lot of my heart into it. I hope you love it as I do. I also hope you get the song in your head and sing it over and over, as I've had it in my head for the past few weeks... it's only fair, right? ;)