Guest Starring on Hurtling Through Space... an Alarming Rate. Link

My guest appearance on sci-fi comedy web series Hurtling Through Space at an Alarming Rate went up last month! Be sure to check it out, if you haven't already. There could be a Streamy Award nomination for Best Guest Star in there somewhere... ;)

I was really excited when creator Mike Davies suggested I play the role of Kalm. Not only am I a lover of old Trek, but I've even read The Eugenics Wars series that explained the rise and fall of Khan Noonien Singh (which I was critical of, but still quite enjoyed) and, as an actor, I was ecstatic to be stepping into Riccardo Montelban's Shakespearean shoes.

My only disappointment was that I felt the final edits downplayed the lesbian undertones I was going for with the character. However, to their defense... the character wasn't written with lesbian undertones in mind, that was just my creative interpretation. In fact, at one point we were even talking about having a lesbian kiss between me and Taryn O'Neill! I felt that after Mike Davies grabbed Hottie McHotterson to make out in the middle of the video game face off, Kalm's naturally vengeful reaction would be to grab Taryn's character and kiss her, therefore undermining Mike's attempt to throw Kalm off. I even got the "ok" from my boyfriend Rudy... what a forward thinking man!

Unfortunately, we never shot the kiss and the lesbian flirty looks between me and Taryn O'Neill were pretty much cut out... but I can always hope that Mike'll write it in a future episode... Right, Mike? Pretty please...?

And, for the record, I'm not the only one who wants more hot girl-on-girl action... here's the IM chat I had with Rudy just after he showed the episode to his co-workers:

Lesbian discussion