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Doctor Who

Though a very young, very scared, Casey watched some Doctor Who when she was a kid, I didn't really start watching seriously until Christopher Eccleston jumped aboard. I liked his take and, though I didn't see every episode that season, I was extremely upset to hear he was leaving the show so early. When David Tennant came on, I didn't really get to know him as a Doctor until Rudy sat me down to watch some Doctor Who specials. By that time, news had already spread that Tennant too was leaving the show, and I was disappointed because I finally loved him and wanted to see more. Then, I heard about Matt Smith. Rumbles from friends and reliable sources told me that he was going to be the "Robert Pattinson" of Doctor Whos so, naturally, I thought it would suck (pun not intended). Still, I started watching it from the beginning on BBC America.

What I experienced smacked me in the face. The first episode was a little chaotic, but the tease and promise of a good ride was set. And now, I am smitten.

Matt Smith's Doctor Who fascinated me and captivated my imagination. Though he's a young looking actor, he has convinced me that his character is old (907 to be exact). All this ain't easy... I'm one of the pickiest sci-fi fans/viewers in the known universe, so this is quite the feat. I don't think I've been this enraptured since Seven of Nine joined the cast of Star Trek: Voyager... but Smith has done this without the help of large supple borg boobies. Well done, sir, well done.

Now I'm glad to see his star shine even brighter. This weekend Matt Smith performed the Doctor Who theme with techno artists Orbital at Glastonbury. What. A. Fucking. Treat. I have no doubt that nerds all over the world were (and probably still are) jizzing their pants.

Thanks to Chris Hardwick for his post about Matt Smith at Glastonbury, and Antony Johnston for the link to the "Fezzes are cool" video.

N.B.: Unfortunately, I'm behind on Doctor Who episodes while traveling. Please be kind and don't give anything away for me in the comments... thanks. XOXO