So you wanna meet me IRL...

The internet is my favorite place in the whole world. It's a comfortable place where I can interact with really cool people who share my passion for video games, sci-fi, cats, rainbows, etc. But while I communicate a lot of my sentiments publicly online, my personal life is rather private. So when it comes to meeting people I've interacted with online, it can be a very strange and uncomfortable experience.

"Don't be a dick!" -Wil Wheaton

When it comes to responding to people, I always try my best to follow Wheaton's Law (above). I love that people appreciate my work, so it's always nice to hear from fans, but recently I've been getting quite a few emails/messages/tweets from people who are visiting my city and want to meet up for coffee or dinner. That is where I have to draw the line.

If we've never met and you want to meet me, please watch for convention announcements and go meet me there! If there's a big convention in your city and you want me to come, let me know! You're the reason I go to conventions... "It's all for you, Damien!" ;)

If you're wondering where all this is coming from, I have a lot of interesting stories from over the years... people showing up at locations uninvited to see me, men I've never met who just walk up and hug me, dudes sending me photos of lingerie I'd "look good in", requests for photos of my feet, and much more. As funny as these stories seem, they all have one thing in common; they go too far. That kind of behavior won't make anyone memorable in a good way.

If you want to be remembered, here's the best thing you can do: be a gentleman. Hope to meet you soon :)

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