Greetings from 1967!

A few weeks ago, I was transported back in time to play a young mother named Marie Stahlmann in a staged reading at The Blank Theatre. Myra Slotnick's The Shadow Child takes places in New York City in 1967 and follows a Polish woman haunted by the death of her son in WWII. When her son's doppelgänger walks into her life, she must find a way to make peace with her tragic past. It's a beautiful story and I was very happy to be a part of it, even for a moment.

While I was lucky to work with my first child actor in The Baby Snooks Show last year, this was the first time I got a "child of my own!" Young actor Samuel Faraci played my son Jack, and it was kinda magical. Sam has worked on a number of television shows that shoot in Canada, like Nikita and The Rick Mercer Report, and is now living and working in Los Angeles.

Sound familiar? Like mother, like son!

Sam and I have a lot in common, from our Canadian upbringing to the fact that he looks quite a bit like a younger version of my real life husband. We had a great time keeping a balance between professionalism and silliness, and I was proud that I could work with this young actor on his stage debut.

I'm very grateful for director Christopher J. Raymond who brought me onboard, and was very pleased to work with this lovely cast. I look forward to seeing where the playwright takes her touching story in the future. 

And if you're sad to have missed this, be sure to make the next one! On July 2nd, I'll be playing Eve (from the Genesis creation myth) in a reading of a fascinating new play called The First and the Last.


The First and the Last
Sunday, July 2nd at 7pm
Screenland Studios, 10501 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
Tickets: Free at the door.